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Greater fleet efficiency

Greater fleet efficiency

An efficient, environmentally friendly fleet offers two advantages — it protects the environment and the fleet manager's budget at the same time! We have collected some helpful tips and information on this topic in our compact information brochure.

Mehr Effizienz im Fuhrpark

Fleet efficiency guide

This brochure offers extensive information on day-to-day fleet management, covering topics such as drive technology, car policies and fuel saving tips. In addition to information on reducing fuel consumption and an overview of our technical innovations, this brochure also offers suggestions for ecologically responsible fleet management.



Save fuel — point by point

Whether your drivers travel through busy urban areas or on long stretches of motorway, there is always great potential for saving fuel. With just a few simple measures, commercial vehicle drivers can keep their vehicles running for longer before the next refuelling stop, ensuring they help to boost the cost-effectiveness of the fleet. This comprehensive leaflet summarises our key fuel-saving tips.