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The Volkswagen Group offers internationally active major customers a central, cross-brand contact person for vehicle fleet and fleet related opportunities: the Volkswagen Group Fleet International.

To be considered an international major customer, your fleet must be made up of approximately 2,500 vehicles and require an additional 300 vehicles per year. In addition, your fleet must be active in at least three countries.

International Contacts


In Germany you are considered a major fleet customer if you have a fleet with fifteen or more vehicles and your yearly requirements amount to at least five vehicles. This fulfils the requirements necessary for entering into a major customer contract, which brings with it additional advantages. Special customers - like driving schools, public agencies, nursing services or taxi companies also receive special terms.

Major customer status allows you access to new vehicles by Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, SEAT und Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles - nationally and internationally. As each company is positioned differently and acts individually on the market, a bulk quote cannot be presented here. For details concerning conditions, services and perks which are designed to precisely meet the demands of your company, please speak with one of our contacts.

Contact person